Select What Happens with This Device

“When everything is connected with everything, when items stop asking for permission, all is one megamesh of nothingness. What is the meaning of space without limits? Should everything float and merge into a fluid selfless self? Who is the hunter and where is the hunt? I search for miracles from daily dullness. I am a receptor of my portrait placed across the room on a shelf, in a box.

I am a node, a receiver, a connector. From various points, I lead nowhere. Distances have lost their mundane meanings and gained new, brighter definitions. I scroll various devices, create emotional boundaries to people who threaten my sphere of privacy in public transportation vehicles. My eternal search for a perfect spot with a calm breeze of newness awaits. There I am. In a train again. Waiting to be insulted by the clutter of noise, boredom and bad coffee. 

I am not a commuter. I am a device made by my personal daily selection.

I begin to create my personal space from thoughts, reactions, and nonreactions. With concentrations, I weave a cover. A bud that will only grow smaller – petals tighter reaching over each other.”