Friction the answer to your question (: “What makes architecture?”)

We don’t friction between the people involved in the process of design, or construction. Nor friction between requisite viewpoints like art and engineering, or spending and saving. It means friction between what we expect based on what we know, and what is actually required by the world (of the future).

Now imagine an answer to the question: What is a house? Then imagine that your answer will not fit in the given site. Or that you only get to use ice for building material. Or that the occupant of the house will be a blind robot. Or that the world is facing a climate disaster… Imagine other possible (or impossible) conditions, and start modifying your initial answer to fit these conditions. Realize that each aspect you change, requires everything else to be modified respectfully, so that the end result is coherent: comfortable, intelligent and beautiful.

The modification is demanding, but it is not the main job. The main job is to locate and identify the main friction inherent to each project.

Friction releases energy. That energy can give birth to something new. And That is Architecture.