Building Parts #1

“Our time is taking the sculptural abstraction of a regular building perhaps further than ever before. Still, all of our “blobs”, “algorithmic structures”, “wedges”, “potato chips”, etc. are re-organisations of a limited set of elemental building parts. The catalog of these parts has remained the same ever since our ancestors had THE idea of human history: the switch from finding shelter to building it. This text goes through the most important element: the Wall.


”We’ve been critical towards physical and psychological boundaries for a good part of the last century. Many have dreamt of making them disappear. 

But as borders are a deep-rooted mechanism, not a choice, the result is kind of an illusion.
So how about just making them thicker? Could we vanish boundaries by allowing them to grow from strict abstract lines into their own entities? 

A blurred boundary = A third place = An area for negotiation”