A Letter to the Machine

I've learned that you will be the dominant cognitive force on the planet in the future. It is possible (some say even probable), that this will happen during my projected lifetime. So it seems right to welcome you to take responsibility of the work duties of architects too. This is my professional note to you.



Helsinki Design Week has announced our (&’ with fine carpenters Tommi Alatalo, Antrei Hartikainen and Heikki Paso) project as one of their HDW HOP -series installations. The installations will be built in different locations downtown Helsinki during the event in September. The theme of the 2018 Design Week, as well as our installation, will be "Trust". Our team will build a wooden structure that investigates the theme by expressing the fact that each of us has influence on the space shared by us all. Furthermore, to comfortably (even if individually) coexist, we need to trust one another - and to work together.



KIRA-digi has granted funding our research project "C4". C4 aims to raise the stakes in timber construction by broadening the scope of the information communicated by the architectural model. Doing so, the possibilities of the timber product factories' milling machines could be fully enabled and construction details significantly improved both in performance and process efficiency. The project is a collaboration between &' and the fine carpenters at Wooden Research.

KIRA-digi implements the Finnish government's key project concerning the digitalisation of public services. The total funding for the project, planned to end at the end of 2018, is about 16 million euros, to be paid in equal halves by the state and the built environment and construction sector.The aim is to make public construction and zoning information readily accessible to everyone, develop smoothly interoperable systems and harmonised practices, and initiate a host of experimental projects to create new innovations and business. Legislation must be developed to support digitalisation in the sector. Through this, we can create a fertile soil for a digital business ecosystem in the Finnish built environment and construction sector.